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Vegas Wedding Advice – When to Start Planning

Visit any of the popular wedding websites or pick up any of the many bridal magazines on offer and it will quickly become apparent that advance planning is considered by many to be a critical task for engaged couples. While it can certainly never hurt to start early if a large or elaborate event is to be held, those interested in tying the knot in Las Vegas may find that they can be a bit more spontaneous when it comes to making the arrangements for their big day.

It is customarily recommended that those planning conventional, traditional weddings begin the process 12-16 months in advance of the wedding date selected. Determining an appropriate budget, visiting and selecting ceremony and reception sites, and possibly hiring a professional wedding planner are some of the steps often suggested that brides try to accomplish during this time frame. Couples intending to throw the type of lavish affair to which Las Vegas often plays host are well advised to engage the services of a seasoned local wedding planning firm, such as CLM Weddings, a 2010 honoree of The Knot Best of Weddings. After those tasks are completed, the interviewing and selection of various vendors such as photographers, florists, musicians and hair stylists can begin.

Las Vegas, however, has long been famous for being home to spontaneous elopements and last minute weddings. Accordingly, there is no shortage of wedding vendors catering to those wishing to avoid the usual lengthy, expensive and tedious process of planning a wedding in favor of a fun, relaxed, yet memorable event. Wedding chapels catering to all styles, tastes and budgets can be found throughout the city, and offer inexpensive ceremonies as well as more inclusive packages that can encompass flowers, photography, music and more. The Little Chapel in Vegas on chapel row offers packages providing chapel use, video service, flowers, photos, live internet broadcasting and a wedding coordinator. Should the happy couple desire the speed and convenience a Las Vegas wedding chapel can provide, but still wish to customize some elements of the proceeding, the area is also home to many stand-alone wedding vendors able to provide typical services such as photography, hairstyling, makeup and cake decorating at short notice, with many even of same-day availability.

Many future brides relish planning every minute detail of the elaborate wedding about which they have been dreaming for years. Creating the perfect day can be a long, arduous and increasingly expensive undertaking. For many engaged couples, the process is simply too daunting, unnecessary, and something they would prefer to skip. Fortunately, the wedding industry in Las Vegas is specifically suited to cater to the needs of this group, and offers the opportunity for them to have a fun-filled, comparatively inexpensive ceremony without the extensive months, and sometimes years of planning.

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